Artillerigården, House architect.

Project (2017-01-01)

Construction of Artillerygården, formerly quarters for the army and navy’s artillery regiments and currently home to the Swedish Army Museum – commenced at the beginning of the 17thcentury. The establishment consists of several buildings, the oldest of them being the armoury, Stora tyghuset, which dates from 1769. It was designed by Carl Johan Cronstedt. Soon thereafter the east and west wings were added together with the firehouse and the long wagon house which forms a supporting wall to the neighbouring churchyard.

The site acquired its current appearance when, in 1882-84, an upper storey was added to the armoury to provide room for training artillery and engineering officers. Artillerigården has been a nationally listed building since 1935.

Mod Architects was 2017—20, through architect Lars Johan Tengnér, the house architects and surveyor for Artillerigården. This assignment included conserving the buildings and undertaking essential projects together with a select group of experts. The assignment involved assignments of very varying character. Mod Architects were the responsible architects for alterations to the museum restaurant and designed new toilets for the Army Museum, and worked with renovating the decorative masonry.

Photography (if not mentioned otherwise): Mikael Lundblad

National Property Board Sweden

Artillerigården, Stockholm, Sweden

2017 – 20

The Swedish Army Museum, which occupies the greater part of Artillerigården, opened its doors in 1879 with a display of collections from various military model makers. On show today are both permanent displays and temporary exhibitions.

For Artillerigården we acted as the house architect for alterations to Restaurang Artilleriet (formerly known as Restaurang Borggården).