Restaurant Fei

Project (2023-11-29)

On the 10th floor of Clarion Hotel The Pier in Gothemburg, you will find Restaurant Fei. An ambitios restaurant that offers the best Nordic chinese food experience in an international environment. For a true China experience a handpicked, award-winning chef team has been recruited for this restaurant and they offer food with inspiration from three of the eight chinese kitchen. 

Working with this interior was truly fantastic, as we could take out the turns a lot trying to create an inspiring foundation for everything this restaurant would create. Our mission was to flirt with the chinese alleys and aesthetics, always with a humility for a different culture. 

Nordic Choice Hotels


Assignment year:
2020 - 2022

Photographer: Markus Esselmark, Natalie Greppi

The manufacture of the custom designed luminaire "the Cherry blossom" for the restaurant. Production and image: Ateljé lyktan