P Eatery Restaurant.

Project (2017-01-30)

Design concept and interior for P Eatery in Copenhagen. P Eatery is a gourmet restaurant with a focus on seasonal foods, modern gastronomy and sustainability.

Mod Architects designed and furnished the restaurant which is on the ground floor of design hotel Skt Petri.

Photography: Erik Lefvander

Nordic Choice Hotels

Copenhagen, Denmark



The head waiter’s stand at the entrance provides an invisible focus for guests arriving. Mirrors help to achieve a trompe l’œil effect in which the furniture disappears into the room.

The pillars by the bar are covered in leather. The new terrazzo floor adds a graphical playfulness to the restaurant.

The perforated sheeting surrounding the pillars interacts with the transparent fabric curtains while a mirror at the end of the dining room provides a sense of space.